What is Dragon Connect?

Every week at the Dragon Café we explore ideas through our programme of creative events and generally sit around chatting as we slurp our Dragon Soup. It seems a shame to stop the fun when the café is closed so this is where we can carry on the conversation!

How can I get involved?

First thing to do is to sign up! It’s easy to do, just write me an email at martin@mentalfightclub.com and I’ll send you a username and password with instructions on how to log in and change the password to your own.

Now what?  Join The Conversation!

Once you have registered you’re ready to join The Conversation!

Use the form on the top right to log in, and click ‘The Conversation’ tab. This will show you all the current open topics which you can browse by clicking on the topic headings. This will open up the individual topic and you can read other people’s comments or add your own reply to the thread. You can also start your own topic by clicking ‘The Conversation’ tab and towards the bottom of the page you will see:-

Create New Topic in “The Conversation”

Just add a title and a description of your topic, choose weather you want email notifications of replies to your topic, and hit ‘submit’.

What if I want to develop my own ideas in more depth?

Then you have The Dragon Blog. Think of it as a collective blog, a magazine to which we can all contribute, adding articles that might include pictures, music or video, about anything that you think may be of interest to your fellow Dragons.

It’s easy to do.

Look for
Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 21.34.51
at the top of the page. Click “New” and choose “Post”. Give it a title and start writing. When you’re ready, click the blue “Publish” button.

Fancy your own blog?

If you’ve thought of starting your own blog/website, then Dragon Connect can offer you the space and bit of help to get going. Click the ‘Your Own Blogs‘ tab to see sites that are already up and running, and if that inspires you to start your own, just drop a line to martin@mentalfightclub.com

Get Connected

Being a member also gives you the option of connecting with particular individuals or groups to whom you can send private messages and share your Dragon Connect activity. Click the ‘Members‘ tab and you’ll see a list of all Dragon Connect members. Here you can click ‘Add Friend’ to request a particular member to add you as a ‘friend’.